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About Nickel City

Nickel City Learning Solutions is your invaluable source for all of your training needs and goals. We focus on “brain based training,” incorporating effective tools into a customized course that works for you. We tailor our instructional design to the priorities of individuals and achieve an unmatched level of retention. Our spectrum of services includes:

  • E-learning
  • Consulting
  • On-site training
  • Virtual training
  • educational engineering
  • training analytics
  • & more

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to providing further information and exceptional services.

Our Services
Presentation Prep
Do you have an important meeting or speech coming up? Let us help you create & design a presentation that will be sure to engage the audience, whoever that may be. By using several different theories of instructional design, we help you succeed.
eLearning Design
The internet offers an efficient, convenient, and flexible means of providing educational information. Resources are accessible from anywhere and at any given time. No matter your schedule or location, you can take advantage of web-based learning.
Nickel City Learning Solutions specializes in designing custom courses geared towards education or training. Here you can learn a little bit about our process, as well as view a few example of courses that have been designed for other clients needs.
Hi, I’m Andrew.

I’ve spent the past 15 years creating engaging, measurable, and effective learning solutions. I started as a customer service representative for a major mortgage lender and, shortly after starting, advanced to the training department. I’d taught before as a Professors Assistant and tutor in college as well as in other aspects of my career and have always loved teaching new things to others.

A regular occurrence is my family and friends rolling their eyes when I go into “trainer mode”. Think about this almost obsessive passion for excellent training being poured into your training programs.

Our Clients

Take an in-depth look at the work we have done with other clients and how it has helped their success in business.

The Money School

Money School’s founder Chris Naugle had a great idea: teach people how money really works and how to become their own banker rather than pay interest and fees to everyone else.

International Solutions Group

The International Solutions Group wanted the ability to distribute their course to a larger population while maintaining the same quality.

Optimum Safety Group

Optimum had a large cache of existing material that needed an update. We created a large batch of e-learning modules for Optimum with a focus on deployment on mobile platforms.

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