The internet offers an efficient, convenient, and flexible means of providing educational information. Resources are accessible from anywhere and at any given time. No matter your schedule or location, you can take advantage of web-based learning. Nickel City Learning Solutions remains on the cutting-edge of this technology. We incorporate our extensive experience and specialized tools into a single course or entire curriculum, engaging learners in an entertaining, relevant, and comprehensive training experience.

Online Courses & Training for Corporate or Educational Needs

Nickel City Learning Solutions provides a broad spectrum of resources in varying formats. We consider ourselves Educational Engineers, simplifying complicated information and utilizing an innovative set of tools to ensure the highest level of retention. From interactive video to story-tell techniques and instructor-led training, the options are creative, practical, and customized for maximum rewards. Through metrics, KPIs, knowledge checks at the end of each course, and the Kirkpatrick Model, we verify the effectiveness of the learner experience.

E-Learning Courses for Public Speaking & Presentation Preparation

Nickel City Learning Solutions has seen firsthand the benefits of web-based training in promoting active and independent learning. We work across a broad range of applications, achieving unmatched results. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further information or any questions you might have. We welcome your interest and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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Our Clients

Take an in-depth look at the work we have done with other clients and how it has helped their success in business.

International Solutions Group

The International Solutions Group wanted the ability to distribute their course to a larger population while maintaining the same quality.

Optimum Safety Group

Optimum had a large cache of existing material that needed an update. We created a large batch of e-learning modules for Optimum with a focus on deployment on mobile platforms.

The Money School

Money School’s founder Chris Naugle had a great idea: teach people how money really works and how to become their own banker rather than pay interest and fees to everyone else.

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Microlearning: Bite-Sized Learning

Mike works as a trainer for a large construction company. Training has always been an issue at his company since employees usually don’t have the time for long training sessions. His boss gives him ...

Optimum Safety Management

The Problem Optimum had a large number of e-learning modules that needed to be developed. Each course was approximately 5-minutes in length and Optimum provided a script and voiceover audio. They need...