Regardless of your level of experience or expertise, Nickel City Learning Solutions provides everything you need to launch a successful presentation. Whether you’re designing a powerpoint presentation, a Youtube course, promoting your business, teaching a skill, or sharing a great story, we teach you exactly how to go about it and achieve your goals. Whatever your motivation or challenges, we are your invaluable source. At Nickel City Learning Solutions, we combine innovative tools with a customized instructional design, meeting your priorities and delivering an unmatched level of retention.

Presentation Prep & Public Speaking Online Courses

While there is plenty of information out there, Nickel City Learning Solutions focuses on the specific aspects of your project, guiding you through the process and ensuring your presentation stands out. For complete beginners or anyone interested in taking their skills to the next level, our instructional techniques are second to none. Let us help you grow your brand, drive traffic to your website, get more views and subscribers, incorporate high-quality photos and graphics into your powerpoint, or start from scratch. We take what seems confusing and impossible and make it simple and impressive.

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Our Clients

Take an in-depth look at the work we have done with other clients and how it has helped their success in business.

The Money School

Money School’s founder Chris Naugle had a great idea: teach people how money really works and how to become their own banker rather than pay interest and fees to everyone else.

International Solutions Group

The International Solutions Group wanted the ability to distribute their course to a larger population while maintaining the same quality.

Optimum Safety Group

Optimum had a large cache of existing material that needed an update. We created a large batch of e-learning modules for Optimum with a focus on deployment on mobile platforms.

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