5 Tips for Running a Smooth Webinar

Hosting a webinar soon? Chances are that you’ve put a lot of effort into developing interesting content to inform and engage your audience. Even if you’ve drawn up the perfect plan for an enriching session, there is a host of little things that can detract from the overall quality of your webinar. Follow these tips to ensure your upcoming webinar is a seamless representation of the professionalism and attention to detail that your business prides itself on!

Run a Test Webinar

The first time you present your full webinar should not be during the actual event. Be sure to run at least one test several days in advance. We know you’ll probably be up for the task of presenting regardless, but your equipment and bandwidth might not be! It’s best to discover these issues when you still have time to fix them rather than scrambling right before your event. Plus, rehearsing your webinar will give you a great idea of how long you can expect the event to run.

Use Pre-Webinar Slides

Having branded graphics on display before the webinar itself is a great way to set the stage for the quality event ahead. Consider implementing a countdown timer or displaying interesting company information for your early audience members to enjoy. This will start to engage them before the presentation even begins. Once it’s time to start, your audience will already be primed and the transition will be seamless.

Start Two Minutes After the Specified Starting Time

If you’ve participated in any Zoom meetings this year, you’ve certainly learned that technological mishaps are certain to occur when new technology is introduced. As such, some of your audience will likely enter your webinar a little after the designated start time. Make sure you give them a little extra time to work their way in and try to refrain from fully diving into the intricacies of the topic until you’re certain your full audience is present.

Allocate Time for Questions

Your audience will likely have some questions throughout your webinar. When planning your webinar, be sure to include comprehension breaks to field these questions. Keep in mind that these breaks will impact the overall time of your presentation and plan accordingly. You don’t want to have to rush through key content because of a lack of time for discussion with your audience.

Get Help from an Expert Like Nickel City Learning Solutions

Nickel City Learning Solutions is your one-stop source for all of your presentation prep needs. Our instructional techniques will ensure that your webinar stands out and helps your brand grow! Interested in seeing how we can help? Book a 30-minute call with us!

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5 Tips for Running a Smooth Webinar

Hosting a webinar soon? Chances are that you’ve put a lot of effort into developing interesting content to inform and engage your audience. Even if you’ve drawn up the perfect plan for an enrichin...