Don’t Let These 3 Common Mistakes Subtract from Your eLearning Experience

Is your business planning to develop an eLearning course in the near future? If so, we’re so glad you found this blog post! There’s actually a lot of room for error when creating your first eLearning course, and we want to help you steer clear of mistakes to maximize the effectiveness of your new training platform. What are the key mistakes you should be sure to avoid?

Mimicking Traditional Training Methods

While there is certainly some overlap, traditional learning and eLearning are best viewed as separate entities. Your traditional face-to-face presentation is probably really effective in person, but you likely won’t be pleased with the results if your eLearning course is just a carbon copy. In short, learners simply expect some form of entertainment to be intertwined with the subject matter. As such, you should focus on interactivity and visuals when developing your course. To really grip your audience throughout the course, you can even consider implementing storytelling techniques and gamification.

No Evaluation

The whole purpose of developing an eLearning course is to help your employees strengthen their skill set and knowledge in areas that will benefit them on a routine basis. How can you determine whether their skills are being sharpened if your course doesn’t evaluate them? A great way to gauge the effectiveness of your course is to require pre-tests and post-tests containing key content.

Another shortcoming of many eLearning courses is that they fail to offer students the chance to provide an evaluation of the course. Consider seeking out feedback from your team as you develop and begin to implement your eLearning courses. This way, if there are any glaring mistakes or issues, you can get them corrected before the course is fully rolled out.

Minimal Repetition

When it comes to learning, practice definitely makes perfect. If you only emphasize key points one time, there’s a great chance that crucial information won’t be converted to long term memory. Be sure to emphasize key points in a variety of ways (video, text, summaries) throughout your course to really give your learners the opportunity to commit this knew knowledge to memory.

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