4 Tips for Creating Better Training Questions

Creating the perfect eLearning course is easier said than done. One of the most important aspects of any course is the training questions throughout; however, creating pertinent questions can be tricky if you’re just getting started. Fear not! We’ve prepared four tips that should help you step up the quality of the training questions in your eLearning course.

Use Question Difficulty to Your Advantage

Some people think that eLearning questions should be nuanced and challenging. Others believe that more straightforward questions keep learners engaged. In reality, both are completely acceptable! When deciding how difficult your course should be, consider the subject matter at hand and the audience taking the course. If the course is fundamental to their success, be sure to sprinkle in some tougher questions to confirm their understanding. However, if the subject matter is more peripheral, it’s okay if your questions reflect that.

Vary Question Types

The days of taking monotonous quizzes are thankfully over as modern eLearning solutions make it easy to include various question types in courses. Now, multiple-choice questions, drag and drop, fill in the blank, and open response questions can easily be implemented in any training course. Some businesses are even starting to allow video responses for open response questions!

Remember Your Goals

When it comes to drawing up the best questions, less is more. Remember the primary goals of your course and make sure that each question contributes to the audience’s understanding of key subject matter. The questions should all relate to fundamental concepts and contain real-world applications for maximum effectiveness.

Offer Feedback

Training quizzes shouldn’t simply be trial and error. If your audience gets a question wrong, try to include hints that steer them in the right direction or recenter their focus. Sometimes the wrong answers are more popular than the right ones, so a concise explanation of common misunderstandings is sure to help your audience commit key knowledge to memory.

Develop Effective Trainings with Nickel City Learning Solutions

Nickel City Learning Solutions is your one-stop source for all of your training needs. Our philosophy is that learning should be fun, relevant, and measurable. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information regarding the implementation of eLearning solutions at your business.

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