International Solutions Group
The Problem

The International Solutions Group came to us with an instructor-led course that had been created by one of their clients. The course they had created was high-quality but they were seriously limited in the number of sessions they could provide due to the amount it cost to coordinate and administer an instructor-led course. They wanted the ability to distribute their course to a larger population while maintaining the same quality of education.

Our Solution

Because there was a desire for this course to be taken by as many people as possible, it was decided that an e-learning course was the most appropriate delivery method. Because the material in the course was important but also had the possibility of being quite dry, we decided that the best way to create this course was to narrate the course in the form of a story. This allowed us to present the material in a way that learners could easily translate into actionable items. Knowledge checks in the form of interactive activities were included throughout the course which allowed learners to check their mastery of the content while also including some interactivity to the course. The final course ended up being 12-modules long that would take a learner around 20 hours to complete.

Our Clients

Take an in-depth look at the work we have done with other clients and how it has helped their success in business.

The Money School

Money School’s founder Chris Naugle had a great idea: teach people how money really works and how to become their own banker rather than pay interest and fees to everyone else.

International Solutions Group

The International Solutions Group wanted the ability to distribute their course to a larger population while maintaining the same quality.

Optimum Safety Group

Optimum had a large cache of existing material that needed an update. We created a large batch of e-learning modules for Optimum with a focus on deployment on mobile platforms.

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