Working from Home Can Be Exhausting! Keep Your Mind Fresh with These Tips

Many businesses across the country have been working fully or partially remote since mid-March. That’s nearly five months now! If you are starting to feel a little burned out from working at home, you are not alone. Keep your mind fresh and motivated with these four tips.

Reinvent Your Commute

Up until recently, most of us probably viewed our commute as an inconvenience more than anything. Turns out, the morning commute plays a crucial role in keeping our home life separate from our work life. While it’s tempting to set the alarm late and get right to work at home, it can be quite draining in the long run. Instead, set your alarm a little earlier and create a transition from home to work. Some effective ideas include a morning walk or meditation, but any activity you find refreshing should work.

Too Much of One Form of Communication Can Be a Bad Thing

Video conferencing platforms like Zoom have been a game changer in 2020. It’s much easier to communicate with teammates when visual cues and representations are involved; however, too much video conferencing may actually end up being a bad thing. If you find that choosing a phone call or instant message helps you focus on the subject matter better, feel free to mix it up!

Don’t Abandon Your Old Routines

Your workplace has changed, but that doesn’t mean that all continuity surrounding it has to be abandoned. Try to stick to your typical routines within reason. Successfully sticking to a routine in a time of uncertainty has the potential to add comfort throughout the day. As such, try to stick to your typical day-to-day routines when it comes to exercising, eating lunch, etc.

Remember That Being Exhausted is Natural

Work-from-home burnout is something that a large chunk of the workforce has had to deal with at varying levels this year. If it’s starting to take its toll on you, there is no reason to feel shame. Sometimes, a day off to rejuvenate can be very refreshing and have you feeling ready to take on the days ahead.

Nickel City Learning Solutions Makes Learning Easy While Working From Home

Nickel City Learning Solutions is your one-stop source for all of your training needs. Our philosophy is that learning should be fun, relevant, and measurable. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information regarding the implementation of eLearning solutions at your business.

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