How to Keep Learners Motivated

Even keeping learners engaged in a standard in-person class can be challenging, but even more so with online courses. Since a virtual environment has an added challenge of a lack of social cues, if your learners are bored while taking your eLearning course, you may not be able to actively change your teaching methods on … Continued

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Online Training Courses

Creating worthwhile online training courses for your workplace requires time and money. While investing in eLearning is certainly worthwhile, you should feel confident that you are getting a good return on your investment. As such, in this blog, we reflect upon a popular method of gauging the effectiveness of eLearning courses. The Kirkpatrick Model The … Continued

What Do Users Look for in Online Training Courses?

Adaptation and evolution are key in the modern workplace. With so much change and advancement, online training courses have emerged as a way to help team members develop new skills and reinforce them along the way. If you are considering creating your own training courses, be sure to remember that modern learners are typically quite … Continued

3 Tips for Conducting Your Next Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way businesses connect and communicate. You and your team have likely already altered several fundamental policies and principles of operation in order to continue thriving while working partially or fully remote. Many businesses are now deciding that it’s a great time to take a step forward and implement … Continued

Common Virtual Learning Mistakes (And How to Prevent Them!)

Over the last few years, eLearning had steadily been growing in popularity to provide training for businesses across the world. This year, eLearning has witnessed its largest surge in popularity yet as more and more businesses and schools switch to virtual learning environments. Considering implementing virtual learning yourself? Be sure to avoid these four mistakes … Continued

Rethinking Business Amidst the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a large impact on our personal and work lives. In late March, the national shutdown forced non-essential businesses across the country to shift their fundamental means of operation in order to stay afloat. As the year continues, it is increasingly clear that our “new normal” may stick around for longer … Continued

Observing Common Trends in Reopened Office Spaces

In many areas of the country, reopening is either on the horizon or already taking place. For most of us, this means that the return to the office will be here before we know it. However, once we do return, things will not be back to “normal” right away. Businesses need to prepare accommodations for … Continued

Top 3 Things To Avoid As A Virtual Manager

No one could have predicted the massive impact that the COVID-19 pandemic would have on the United States workforce. Back in March, non-essential businesses across the country were forced to shut the doors of their physical workspaces indefinitely, which led to a rapid shift to a completely virtual workforce. For many businesses, this is the … Continued

How to Transition to Managing A Virtual Workforce

Throughout 2020, the workforce has undergone many unprecedented changes. Stay-at-home orders across the country forced businesses to get creative when it comes to their ability to continue day-to-day operations. The result has been a migration toward a fully virtual workforce. As one would expect, there are quite a few differences between managing in an office … Continued

Our Clients

Take an in-depth look at the work we have done with other clients and how it has helped their success in business.

The Money School

Money School’s founder Chris Naugle had a great idea: teach people how money really works and how to become their own banker rather than pay interest and fees to everyone else.

Optimum Safety Group

Optimum had a large cache of existing material that needed an update. We created a large batch of e-learning modules for Optimum with a focus on deployment on mobile platforms.

International Solutions Group

The International Solutions Group wanted the ability to distribute their course to a larger population while maintaining the same quality.

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5 Tips for Running a Smooth Webinar

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